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Posted by leeovisa09 April 18, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

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Beijing LEEO Consulting Service Co., Ltd. specializes in providing Chinese visa and other related services for foreigners in China. We have many years experience in the field.

Reliable and safe, Beijing LEEO can provide satisfactory service for you as below:
1) F visa to 3/6-month F visa (0/1/2/M entry)
2) L visa to 3/6-month F visa (0/1/2/M entry)
3) Residence Permit for work application and extension (for customers in Beijing only)
4) L visa to 1-month L visa (0/1 entry)
5) Invitation letters for F visas

Please contact us for more details.
Tel.: 010-65924495/6
Mobile: 136 4117 2117
E-mail: service@cn-visa.com
MSN: bjleeo@hotmail.com
Skype: bjleeo

From April 15, 2009 on, in Beijing newly-issued F visas can only be valid until Sep. 15, 2009. The previous 1-year F visa (with NO limitation of each stay) is NOT available again.
It is mainly because of the approaching 60th anniversary of P.R.China founding and the big celebration.
It is a new set of restrictions after Olympic games.

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