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What tools do you use in a real life conversation ?

Posted by ianb1974 April 23, 2009 in the Group General Discussion.

Hi, I've been studying Chinese for a while, But there is one part I find very difficult. When Im speaking with someone face to face (I often have meetings in China) and I dont understand a word. Or Im reading some documents without my computer. Or I need to find a specific word.


Obviously I need some sort of dictionary, that I can carry with me and is easy to use (quick) and not too bulky.


What do you think is the best tool in this situation ? Any recommendations ? Has any one tried the Iphone app ?

Whats your best on line source ? Mine is pin1yin1.com, perfect to translate to pin yin with literal meaninsg if I dont know a word. But If I get a Chinese Hanzi sms I can be stuck ... (Till I get the iphone)









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