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Chinese notebooks and power supply for notebooks in China

Posted by gesang April 25, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

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大家好!Maybe there is someone who can help me with information about this:

Last year when I left the monastery  I am working in during summer in Tibet, one of the monks asked me to bring him a small notebook next year. 

He said we have better notebooks than the ones you can buy in Lhasa. And he asked me to buy a small one in Switzerland for about 4000 yuan...which is possile for a small one..and as he is not a very skilled person in computer things he does not need the most fancy notebook with the newest and best equipment. I told him I will call him next year before I buy it to make sure he still wants it and has the money (I plan to give him a good price but i am not a rich person I can't give it to the monastery for free).

I agreed and now realized I never really think about it any further because it always seemed so long until I will have to buy it. But now the time has almost come...I plan to leave 31th of May.

Long story...now my problem:

When I took my notebook to China once, the guy in the computershop told be I should not load the battery while working at the computer. Seems that there is something different with the power supply..about the grounding or something..didn't really understand... (Somebody who knows and is able to explain to me again?)

It was possible for me as I only took it to download photos from my camera and watch DVD (which is, as this guy told me, no problem also with plugging in the charger cable because the programm does not need to work so much during replay of movies). But normally this is not a perfect condition...you can't always stop working at the computer to charge the battery before you can go on...

Is it possble to change something with the plug, for example fix a Chinese one directly to the cable without causeing any damage?? Or any other solution...???

(I only use those little tools to make my Switzerland plug fit in the China socket, but they don't change the power supply).

Is it right, that the quality of the notebooks in China (at least in citys small like Lhasa) is not good? Or is it possible that my friend the monk just didn't know and liked the idea of getting a western notebook? Would be much more easy for me to buy the notebook in Lhasa...and then I dont have this power supply problem...???

Any tips, information, hints..?

Thank you very much!


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