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A notebook for a monastery - want to help too?

Posted by gesang May 30, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

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Hello everybody! 大家好!Tashidelek! 


Few days ago I started a post about notebooks in China http://chinesepod.com/community/conversations/post/4863#comment-117858

. In the introduction I included why:

This year I will go back to Tholing monastery in Ngari, Westtibet fort he 4th time to work in a wallpainting restoration project.

Last year one of the monks asked me to bring him a notebook when I come back next year. He and some other monks (there are only 9 monks still living in Tholing monastery and one at least is to old to use a computer ;-)) hope to be able to pay about 4000yuan.

I knew there are some small notebooks for few hundred CHF available in Switzerland and planned to give them a very good price... so I told them I will do my best to get it.

After the information in the other post I think I will try to get it in Lhasa (I have a friend checking some shops right now) or, if not possible there, I will find another way to buy it in China and send it to Lhasa to take it with me to Tholing.


Now, in this other post about the notebook, user chanelle77 suggested to start a charity project and collect money to get that notebook fort he monks: „I belive that many people doing a SMALL thing can make a BIG difference.“ she wrote...

..and i loved this.

Every time I was in Tholing this small group of monks cared so nice for us. They love to hang around and watch us at work and do everything to help us. Of course I love the idea of giving them this present (or, depending how much I can get, at least a very very good price).

So I thought: why not give it a try up here!!

While I checked if I am alowed to start my little charity project here in the threads, chanelle77 already started it :-) and paypaled me 10 EUR! (Thanks again!!)


And after getting an O.K. from Ken (Thank you very much!) I am now starting the

Tholing Monastery Notebook Project:


If you are willing to send a small amount to support this project please send this to my paypal account using: (collection stopped 30.5.09)

Or  you pm me your email used for your paypal account and the amount you like to spend and I will send you a paypal-pay request from my account.


I guarantee I will spend this money for Tholing monastery. I will do everything in my powers to get this notebook.

I will keep you posted about the project and I hope I will be able to post a picture of a group of monks smiling at a brand new notebook sometime in June! :-)


Thank you 



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