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获得离婚 (+ useful vocab) ;o)

Posted by kimiik May 3, 2009 in the Group General Discussion.

Tags: divorce

Key Vocabulary

解释 (jiěshì) : interpret, analyze, explain
确认 (quèrèn) : confirm
清醒 (qīngxǐng) : be sober
是很早以前 : having lost one's temper earlier in the conversation
世界末日 : the end of the word
成熟 (chéngshú) : be mature / grown-up
确定的生活 : orderly life
叫做潜规则 : so called hidden rule (deviant behaviour ?)
无理取闹 (wúlǐqǔnào) : stir up trouble wilfully
许走 (xǔzǒu) : permission to leave

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