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mother's day in china??

Posted by urbandweller May 10, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

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So I was chatting online with a freind in Beijing last night and I casually mentioned what today is in America...she said China has it too!! I looked it up online and found that China also has Mothers Day! So I ran a search for "mother's day" on cpod and came up with nothing! whats up with that Cpod?!!

below is a quote from Wiki...

In China, Mother's Day is becoming more popular, and carnations are a very popular gift and the most sold type of flower. In 1997 it was set as the day to help poor mothers, specially to remind people of the poor mothers on rural areas such as China's west. In the People's Daily, the Communist Party of China's journal, an article explained that "despite originating in the United States, people in China take the holiday with no hesitance because it goes in line with the country's traditional ethics -- respect to the elderly and filial piety to parents."

In recent years Communist Party of China's member Li Hanqiu began to advocate for the official adoption of Mother's Day in memory of Meng Mu, the mother of Mèng Zǐ, and formed a Non-governmental organization called Chinese Mothers' Festival Promotion Society, with the support of 100 Confucian scholars and lecturers of ethics.They also ask to replace the Western gift of carnations with lilies, which, on ancient times, were planted by Chinese mothers when children left home. It remains an unofficial festival, except in a small number of cities.

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