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nanotechnology espionage?

Posted by noelle_t May 25, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

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Mr. Jake Rogers also received several letters from the mysterious Mr. Long.  Rogers is an engineer specialized in nanotechnology.  He works for a private firm in Pennsylvania, USA.  Obviously, his research is top secret.  To Rogers' surprise, Mr. Long's letters contain private information about his research.  Mr. Long gave him no choice but to come to Shanghai.....

纳米技术间谍活动 ?

Jake Rogers 先生也收到 神秘的龙先生的些封信。 Rogers 是纳米技术工程师。 他工作在美国,宾夕法尼亚(Pennsylvania)。 他的研究是绝密。所以他很差异:龙先生的些封信有他研究的数据。 Rogers 没有选择:他必须上海来了。

纳米技术 [nàmǐjìshù]       1. 1. noun nanotechnology
间谍活动   [jiàndiéhuódòng]   1. 1. noun espionage
神秘   [shénmì]       1. 1. adjective mysterious
工程师   [ɡōnɡchénɡshī]       1. 1. noun engineer
研究   [yánjiū]       1. 1. verb to research
绝密   [juémì]   1. 1. top-secret; strictly confidential
诧异   [chàyì]   1. 1. verb to be surprised
数据   [shùjù]       1. 1. noun [pl] data
选择   [xuǎnzé]       1. 1. verb to choose

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