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Posted by helenshen_counselor May 26, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

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Hi Poddies,

There has recently been discussion within the ChinesePod community about the small number of users who come here primarily to learn English, and post language exchange messages on the boards. However, ChinesePod is not the best place for such messages, which are actually considered as spam.
We welcome ALL users who want to participate in the ChinesePod community, to enjoy the bilingual exchange and help improve their own (and others'!) language skills. Indeed, we are very grateful to the local Chinese users who contribute so much to the community in this way.
However, out of respect to our users who pay to learn Chinese here and may have been irritated by such postings, the authors of the spam messages will be advised to participate constructively in the community and pointed in the direction of EnglishPod.com. Spam will be removed from the site.

Thanks for your understanding and we look forward to your participation here at ChinesePod or over at EnglishPod.com!

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