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good chinese language schools in beijing?

Posted by uauina June 8, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

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in 3 weeks ill be going to china.. to visit my friend who lives in beijing. as she has 2 more weeks of school (while im there.. im staying 11 weeks.. for travelling and quality time:D) she suggested i could take a short time course.. for 2 weeks... i think it might be a good idea .. also to help me with chinesepod since im having difficulties to actually get the phrases right /(im actually not sure how im supposed to use cp. i ve developed a language learning system based on grammar instead of.. speaking/listening since i had ancient greek and latin in school.)

anyways so i am kind of looking for a school in beijing.. my friend knows someone who's taking classes in mandarinhouse which is supposed to be good.. but i was just wondering if you know any other schools you could recommend? 

thanks for your help :D


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