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The continuing race

Posted by excuter July 17, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

Two contestens are fighting each other fearing not to less sleep nor using others to get to there goal: beeing most active user.

In the red corner John with an actual weight of 127 comments trying to trick poeple with a applause to my opponent and a how can we make the algorythm better post.

In the blue corner Lantian with an actuall weight of 82 comments trying to trick people with several let´s tell cpodstaff how much we love you posts.

who will win this fight? Or will Bazza keep his title? Place your bet´s here!

Do you like this little game or should we all relax and get back to lern chinese (what we all are here for)? Do you wait for an offer that is worth making one of these contestens the winner of this race? Let us know what You think! comment here!

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