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Missing bits in "suspicious message"

Posted by calicartel July 11, 2009 in the Group Transcripts with Tal.

Raygo, I missed this thread and posted in the main discussion. Anyway here are my suggestions:

OK, 那么最后这个老婆她还是为自己      ?[08:58]  - The missing word must be 辩护 (bian4 hu4    to speak in defense of / to argue in favor of). This term features prominently in the advanced lesson "谋杀案"

对,所以除了在男女关系  ? [09:23] -  I think it's "当中用呢"   dang1 zhong1yong4ne5, "in the middle of", "in the context of" + 呢

干我们说到啊 [12:10] : I wonder whether the first character is the right one. It could be "刚" = recently.

不 知道,老婆会把手机丢掉或 ?[13:53] - The missing bit could be "者藏起来" (藏 =  cang2    to conceal). Althoug "葬" =   zang4    bury (the dead) is another possibility. I can't pinpoint the tone with certainty.

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