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Radicals 21-25 (5 of 30)

Posted by antony73 July 13, 2009 in the Group General Discussion.

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dāo 'knife'

Strokes: 2 Examples 切 召

笔画: piě hěngzhégōu



ér 'son'

Strokes: 2 Examples

笔画: piě shùwāngōu


jǐ 'table'

Strokes: 2 Examples 凤 凳

笔画: piě héngshùwāngōu

means how many, a few or several


sī 'cocoon'

Strokes: 2 Examples

笔画: piězhé diǎn

Means Selfish or Private. "A silkworm in its cocoon; implies complete immersion in self"


yòu 'right-hand'

Strokes: 2 Examples

笔画: héngpiě nà

Compare with top of 左, zuǒ, left




Sources: / / / Reading and Writing Chinese William McNaughton Tuttle Language Press


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