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Say It Right Series

Food Culture

Posted by pchenery July 13, 2009 in the Group General Discussion.

Interesting how many Chinese idioms are based on the verb "to eat":



"老外"们猛然发现,中国文化其实就是吃文化!谋生叫糊口,工作叫饭碗;受雇叫混饭;靠积蓄过日子叫吃老本;混得好的叫吃得开;占女人便宜叫吃豆腐;女人漂亮叫秀色可餐;受人欢迎叫吃香; 受偏受照顾叫吃小灶;不顾他人叫吃独食;没人理会叫吃闭门羹;有苦难言叫吃哑巴亏;嫉妒叫吃醋;理解不透叫囫囵吞枣;理解深刻叫吃透精神;广泛流传叫脍炙人口;收入太少叫吃不饱;负担太重叫吃不消;犹豫不决叫吃不准;干不成叫干什么吃的;负不起责任叫吃不了兜着走。

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