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Grammar Points (Intermediate Lessons)

Posted by henning July 19, 2007 in the Group General Discussion.

As promised I started noting which grammar points are discussed in which lesson.   Sometimes one might slip through, but this is what I collected so far:


Tai Chi:


 处于 vs. 在


Bank Transactions:

V+好了 (办好了)

什么 vs. 什么吗

Teaching English in China:



Old Friend:

还 for softening / moderating

idiomatic expression: 看不上

idiomatic expression: 联系不到 


Buying a Drink:

来+N (来 for ordering)

一份  as a measure word for dishes


 Standing in Line:

 比+Time (比以前 )

word order: 排很长时间的对 


Right now I have 8 Advanced lessons in front of me, so there will be a pause until the next grammar points pop up here.

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