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Unsure about some "food and drink" words...

Posted by plzholdtheline2 July 22, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

Hey guys :) I'm still a Newbie here so bare with me :) I was just browsing through my book and thought I should add a list of Food and Drink to it. The thing is, this is all very new to me still, and I've found some quite contradicting words and meanings on the internet and in the dictionary. Here are some of the words I was unsure about. It'd be great if some of you guys could let me know the pinyin for them. Thanks :)

Here they are: 

  • Ice Cream - I thought that was bīng qí lín...?
  • Honey - fēngmì...?
  • Potato (not sweet potato because I think that's a different word) - ?
  • Raspberry - ?
  • Cake (as in birthday kind of cake but wasn't sure if the word for birthday cake is different to normal cake if you get what I mean) - ?
  • Green beans (as in the vegetable) - ?
  • Milk (as in the milk you put in your tea) - ?
  • Lemonade -?
Sorry about the long list! :/ 

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