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Posted by redantman July 29, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .


I am newly arrived in China, and I speak at an advanced intermediate level (I think).  I can hold normal conversations, but i need to learn lots of combinations.  So I need some help choosing a package that 

(1)  I can listen to for 30 mins a day on my iPod/iPhone (while I commute to work) and 

2) teaches me combinations at this level (结余,编制,大约,集中,判断,机构,分子,网络,成本,规范,具体,简介,使得).  These are combinations that were new to me at a recent meeting that I attended.  

3)  I am American Chinese, so my pronounciation and listening ability is pretty good.  I just don't have practical experience.

Which package of these three will be useful:  Basic, Premium, or Praxis?

Thanks very much to everyone.



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