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水墨畫, (Japanese 墨絵)

Posted by cobre August 13, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

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My friend (who read about it during his 7 years in Taiwan) tells me that the discipline, as he learned about it, had 4 goals

To have a happy heart,

To work together

To act decisively  and not try to rework things already done

To understand the difference between people and machines.

I assume there is a neat set of characters for each of these stated goals, and that the original characters probably have a bit more nuance, spin on them.

Is there a character that means, to have a happy heart? or is that a phrase?

my partner has been trying to do sumi-e style for some time,

She signed up for a class, the class motto listed on the syllabus is "Have fun, and laugh a lot"

That seemed so close in spirit to the one goal my friend stated that I suspect it was derived from, or maybe even a translation attempt.

I am wondering, what that phrase might be in chinese.

Are there any lessons on this?



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