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Posted by leapurcop August 16, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

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汉语迷你测试(hànyǔ mínǐ cèshì) Chinese Mini-Test

Beginner Level 初级chūjí
What does the character "水(shuǐ)" mean?
     A. Rice
     B. Water
     C. Bread
     D. Fruit

Intermediate Level 中级 zhōngjí

What does the word "大蒜(dàsuàn)" mean?
     A. Potato
     B. Tomato
     C. Garlic
     D. Egg

Advanced Level 高级gāojí
What does the word "挂号(guàhào)" mean?
     A. Register
     B. Walk
     C. Shout
     D. Cry

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