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Posted by xio2009 August 16, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

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Anyone ever play 魔兽世界? China's version of World of Warcraft?

I used to play the american version, but I'm curious if someone living in USA can play 魔兽世界。 你住的地方有关系吗? 我觉得玩儿这个游戏,我可以跟中国人聊天和进步我的中文而且玩儿一个好玩儿的游戏。 一边玩儿游戏一边学习中文。 可能这个方法不好, I'm not sure.  However I would like to try it.  Does anyone have any experience on this matter?  Perhaps not only 魔兽世界 but any other computer game that is Chinese. 

In a perfect world I want to shoot zombies moaning “脑子!我要吃脑子!" rather than "brains! brains!" or perhaps the chinese zombies would want my 气。。。

反正我只是想了解一下,你们知道any good chinese games? 请告诉我

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