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You kown ? 肌肉男???

Posted by leapurcop August 16, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

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汉字(hànzì): 男(nán) a male

拼音(pīnyīn) pinyin: nán
笔画(bǐhuà) number of strokes: 7
部首(bùshǒu) radical: 田
结构(jiégòu) structure: top and bottom structure
字源(zìyuán) etymology: the top part 田(tián) refers to field and the bottom part 力() means strength. In ancient times, men must labor in the field, so the character 男 indicates 田里的劳力(tiánlǐ de láolì) labor in the fields.
笔顺(bǐshùn) stroke order:

chángyòng cíyǔ) Commonly used words     
E.g. 男女老少(nánnǚlǎoshào) men and women, old and young
        男孩(nánhái) boy
        男人(nánrén) man∕husband
        男生(nánshēng) school boy
        男子汉(nánzǐhàn) a male that is manly
        男厕所(nán cèsuǒ) toilet for men

流行词语(liúxíng cíyǔ) Popular words related to男(nán)     
E.g. 肌肉男(jīròu nán): muscular men
        凤凰男(fènghuáng nán): men who come from rural area, but later go to college and live and work in urban area
        after graduation
        便当男(biàndang nán): single men who bring lunch to work
        食草男(shícǎo nán): vegetarian men are moderate and friendly, but lacking initiative (on marriage, etc.)
        三高男(sān gāo nán): men who are tall and highly educated with high income

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