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Vision for Connect?

Posted by henning July 23, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

Initially the Connect section was a waterfall of messages, often dragging even the most strongly paddling topics down into the abyss.


But as slowly new features grow interesting potential appears in the mist:

Connect might evolve into the perfect hybrid between

a) a Forum

b) a Collection of Blogs and

c) Commenting 

Ending that old debate:



Just add

1) Search options (of course) 

2) Categorization according to a preconceived hierarchical scheme (similar to the Forum categories) 

3) Tagging

4) Rating

5) Markers for new posts 

6) Editing  

7) Smilies


If CPod makes it happen, one day maybe one day there will even be alternative presentation modes:
- The Forum mode, which groups posts in a standard-Forum way

- The Blog mode, which shows all conversations *initiated* by a user in a Blog-like environment

The Topic mode, which shows objects like lessons, "Extra" objects, grammar points and the respecive comments.


The perfect integration? 

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