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Patriotism in the Expansion Section

Posted by dahouxiaohou September 2, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

Tags: politics, expansion, History

Has anybody noticed an certain amount of "爱国热情" (patriotic passion/fervour) in the expansion sections of certain upper-intermediate lessons?

I've just been studying "History" in the Saved by the Gong series (which is great by the way), and came across the following examples:

(A united motherland is the wish of every citizen.)

(The people of the entire country together conquered this rare winter storm disaster.)

(The ruling party has done a lot to stabilize it's ruling position.)

(In the early days of the establishment of the new China, a stable regime was of utmost importance.)


I'm commenting since this isn't the first time I've come across this sort of thing in the expansion section. In the past there have been sentences extolling the sacredness of the Olympic torch etc etc...

Now, this doesn't necessarily bother me, in fact I find it quite interesting.

I guess I'd like to know, who writes these sentences?

Has anyone else noticed a little bit of, dare I say it - propaganda - being squeezed into their studies?


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