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Posted by themainman September 9, 2009 in the Group General Discussion.

So after losing my job a few months ago,  I have been listening to Cpod lessons (dialogues on repeat) for approx. 6-10 hours a day, without exception, no matter what I am doing I have lessons on repeat on my ipod non-stop...

when there are grammar patterns/sentences I want to install into my brain, I input them in anki and have spent about an hour every day on anki.

the results have been amazing...when I bump into Chinese people the Chinese just flows compared to before...also, going from elementary to intermediate was a challenge, but then halfway through intermediate it just started getting easier (Actually I think the lessons got easier about halfway through)

but now I can get through an upper intermediate lesson much more quickly...the first day is a challenge, so I just listen to it over and over, for like 20-30 min per new lesson, then the next few days spend like 10 min each day reviewing it, then listen to it once or twice every couple of days afterwards...I find some lessons I just have more trouble with than others, but for the most part the key seems to be the spaced repetition....which is basically the concept of anki...some days I don't study new lessons and just review for a day or two in a row...

I just wanted to share this with everyone, because if you go balls to the wall it is really amazing how much you can achieve...when I lived in China I never made such quick progress because I never utilized the mp3 ipod listening in China I still wasn't listening to Chinese constantly for 10 hours a day...

so just wanted to share this with everyone, maybe someone crazier than I will listen to cpod for 12 hours a day?






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