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Posted by simonpettersson September 22, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

Tags: suggestion, ChinesePod, Cpod, vocab, vocabulary

I'm sure you hard-working people are fed up with us wanting more features. ChinesePod is awesome, but there's a slight thing that would make it even more so.

Is it possible to enable the possibility of adding entire sentences to your vocab? As it is now, you can add words and sometimes phrases, but there are also lots of complete sentences with every lesson. Sometimes it's great to be able to review entire sentences at a time with flashcards, so you can get a lot of words reviewed at the same time, as well as seeing them in context and getting some grammatic patterns down.

I'm not a programmer, so when I say it doesn't seem like it would be much of a hassle, that doesn't mean much. If it is, just disregard this. But if it's not, it would really help me, and maybe others, to get reading practice and grammar training.

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