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Copying pinyin from the PDFs

Posted by simonpettersson October 29, 2009 in the Group General Discussion.

Does anyone else have this problem? I'm trying to add sentences to my vocabulary tab, so I'm copying them from the PDF into the fields of the "add new word" popup thing in the Vocabulary Manager. But when I paste the pinyin, it comes up all wrong. The accents come after the letters, instead of on them. Like this:

l ˇ 

aop ´ 

o, w ˇ 

o z ` 

ai t ´ 

an h ˇ 

ao jˇı ge xi ` 

angm ` 

u ne.

No matter where I paste it (here, text editor), it looks the same. It also adds lots of line breaks, as you can see.

I'm using a mac with Leopard OSX, surfing with Safari Version 4.0.3.

(This would be less of a problem if there was a "Convert Tone Marks" button in the vocab tool ... )

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