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Struggling with building my vocabulary to sync with my iphone.

Posted by muzzwood November 10, 2009 in the Group General Discussion.


I'm sure I'm missing something simple here because it can't be this hard! 

I would like to build up a vocabulary of characters that correspond with the characters I need to learn for university. 

I've made a label called 'Unit 9' and I searched ChinesePod's glossary to find the characters I want to study. For example I looked up bie2 别 and found it amongst other characters in various combinations but I can't find a way to just add that single character to my vocab list. 

In the past I've used the DianHua app on the iphone as I can just do a dictionary search for any character I want and then study them with flashcards but I wanted to switch to the ChinesePod app so I could then go online and use that same vocab list with Scritter.


So, long story short... How can I just search for single characters and add them to my vocab list?


Like I said I'm sure it's something easy I'm just overlooking!


Thanks in advance!! :)

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