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Read Chinese newspaper in 3 months ??

Posted by bababardwan November 18, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

Link from simon to a site that discusses a successful world record of learning to read chinese newspapers within 3 months having had no prior knowledge of the language:


Thanks for your links simon,

I found it interesting that one of the criteria for testing proficiency in the world record attempt was:

Test on the proficiency of using a dictionary:
Knowing how to use a dictionary is a very important part for literacy.

Furthermore,surprisingly they allow:

twenty (20) minutes is allowed for the attempter to use a dictionary to check his or her previous test sections.

...which can be used to improve your score on the test.

..so I'm looking forward to this weeks lesson on same.Jiayou changye.

Hey,this gives me hope from this record holders letter in regard to Chinese grammar:

The true Chinese sentence (especially in classic writings) adheres to no word ordering.

..woohoo.If this be true then I'm doin' ok,I knew I was onto something,I'm just a really traditional guy,hehe.Those that can't follow me are just demonstrating a generation gap type thing.I dunno,kids these days...


Haha, I really meant http://www.chineseetymology.org. Happy coincidence. :)


Oh right.Yeah I've seen that one before.Good reminder..I've never gone through it all.Hey,but what about this first one?.the org one.Sounds interesting...being able to read newspapers three months after starting from scratch.

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