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The Mobile Site

Posted by henning November 20, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

Tags: Mobile Site, iphone, Bugs, Feature Requests

I use the mobile site a lot. But it still has two major deficiencies. If they were addressed, the usability would profit significantly for me .

1. Lessons are not accessable

...because you are only allowed to see the lessons that are "bookmarked" - a restriction that I can't quite understand.

Aggravated by the fact that lessons are regularly not automatically bookmarked despite the level being subsribed. This is bothering for new lessons because in that case you can only hope to find a recent comment on the lesson to bookmark it. That point is important for me as I listen to the new lesson on my way to work (streaming).

2. Frequent Re-Login

Unlike the regular site you have to log in every several minutes (or meters?) on the mobile site - and that in a mobile environment and with a rather slow server. Even if I simply want to read the comments I have to wait forever for the login page and than re-navigate through that incomplete lesson page.

I sometimes got the suscpiscion that a relogin occurs whenever I switch cells (quite often when in the train or subway). As my appartment here in Stuttgart (where I have no fixed line internet) lies right on the border of two cells even switching the room leads to a re-login.


I am absolutely content with a simple no-frills mobile site - but those points would make the user experience much, much smoother.


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