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Learning Traditional and Simplified characters side-by-side?

Posted by EmmaLouise1 November 29, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

I've recently upgraded myself to the premium subscription so I've been making good use of the Vocabulary tab and Skritter tool (which is extrememly helpful, by the way! ^.^)

So with Skritter, you get to practice and learn to write the Simplified characters but I'd also like to learn the Traditional characters, since I visit Hong Kong quite often (you may wonder why I'm learning Mandarin, not Cantonese, haha, it's just a lot more accessible and I just couldn't get my head around Cantonese >.< Hopefully one day I'll return to learning, but for now I'm concentrating on Mandarin!) But there isn't an option on Skritter to practice Traditional characters >.< I'd really like to be able to learn both sets of characters side-by-side as I think this will save me countless hours going back and learning the Traditional and also, I think learning both at the same time gives me more opportunities to practice my reading and writing skills in Hong Kong.

Granted, you can do the activities in either Simplified or Traditional, but I'd really like to learn to write both at the same time. If there's no way to encorporate Traditional characters into Skritter or the vocabulary lists/tab, is there a way you would strongly recommend for me to use to learn them?

Also, do you think are there any drawbacks of learning both sets of characters at the same time? I would imagine there's many benefits but I can only think that it may take a little longer to learn... Is there any reason why perhaps a Newbie, such as myself, learning both sets?

Thank you! ^.^


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