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ChinesePod Store?

Posted by huai_houzi July 28, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

A suggestion for ChinsePod.com...

We all like to buy supplementary materials to help us learn Chinese.  Sometimes its hard to know what to buy or where to get it.  Why not have an online store where we can buy these products from you guys?  Textbooks, CDs, electronic dictioanries, etc.  Maybe you could even offer a discounts to your paid-subscribers?

Even if you're not yet ready to implement an online store, you could at least have a page with a list of recommended products.  Each product's page could have ChinesePod subscribers' reviews of the product, and you could link to an online store selling the product.  You would even make a commission from the sale on the other site for bringing the customer to them. 

Everyone here buys these kinds of products.  Why not through you guys?

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