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How precise-a routine should a Newbie have?

Posted by EmmaLouise1 December 2, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

I've been with ChinesePod for quite a few months now, but it's taken me a while to develop an actually structured "plan" (with the help of a first time premium subscription! I took the plunge, and so far it's paying off miracles! ^.^) 

But how precise/strict should I be with myself in 'getting things right' before moving on to a next lesson? Because I'm worried if I'm too 'strict' with myself, I'll actually hold myself, back rather than doing the opposite, because I won't be progressing as fast as I'm able to. Do you see what I mean? 

So should I be saying stuff like "I won't move on to the next lesson until I can read, write, speak and 'listen' to all the key vocab and most of the supplementary vocab"? Because that would be satisfying but I'm thinking a little too unreachable at this point? But the thing is, I'm worried that if I do just concentrate on purely speaking and listening Mandarin, (although I would progress quicker because the writing wouldn't hold me back) I'm worried that it'll take me far longer and far harder for me to go waaaaaay back to the beginning and start to pick up the writing :/ and that I'd be very disadvantage because I won't be able to read and write anything :/ The reading I'm especially concerned about because we may not write much these days but we definitely need to learn to read, especially fellow Poddies' Mandarin posts!

So sorry for such a long winded question, but I'm not sure what I should be 'aiming' for each lesson, if that makes sense? If I did just leave the writing and reading for now, and didn't actually formally set aside time to learn, would it still come to me slowly purely through exposure on ChinesePod or would I have to properly learn? My priorities are in this order: lean to 'listen', learn to speak, learn to read and then learn to write.

So what do you suggest? I'm a very confused and worried Newbie! :S 


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