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Gas...没了...这么办?一 二 还是 三?

Posted by Lantian July 30, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

GAS - Okay, we've had the ohh so practical topics on the loo, products just for guys, products just for gals, and of course 谁放屁!I, however, have another practical topic in mind.

At my apt I've run out of gas, the propane in a canister type, that fuels my rangetop (brand spanking new rangetop by the way). Anyway I am debating in my mind the beauty of 'ba' 把。 Is it a shortcut to not use specific verbs, an entity in itself, or do I go with the specific verb?

What do other's think? What's the best sentence to tell the gas guy, send one over!

1. 请把一瓶过来。

2. 请送一瓶过来。

3. 请把一瓶送过来?

Cpod "Admin" 也可以回答,欢饮您! 

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