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Chinese ,Easy to Pick Up,Hard to Learn

Posted by richad January 5, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

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Hi,all chinese learners:

    So happy to see you all learning chinese in full play,and that remind me of ten years ago in china learning chinese .At the begin,It's really hard to understand the chinese characters,all written with  horizontals,verticals,left-falling strokes and right-falling strokes etc.But the one part of chinese atracts me a lot,it's chinese prounouciation,smooth and sweet.By the way I knew a chinese girl with sweetie  voice,and she look like an angle.Ok,forget it,some guys might think a lot than i said,ahah.

   Actually,china is a very modern,international country,people there with hospitality and great minds,when they say one words, in fact they have considered how to express right more than a thousand times.This is a fraction why chinese people have a history of five thousands years.It's amazing,guys.If you wanna know further about china and its culture and people there,plus the sweet girl and the gorgeous sceneries.Don't ever listen to the rumors about this beautiful place.You wanna test the "words" slandered china,just go there and see yourself.you gonna know it all.

   I love this country totally,even if I am a foreigner there.

Showing off my chinese foundation below:


    People say that this  a beautiful encounter,but I confirm  we bring together by God。When I saw you first time,some indistinct feeling hit on me and I know we made a special relationship last lifetime。Maybe,we can continue the affection of previous life ,sure it do,because I clearly remember what I said prayerfully,“I love U a ten thousand years”。You smiled sheepishly。God saw that all ,so we can meet again in this life.


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