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Spit your way to homelessness

Posted by prindy January 8, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

interesting new legislation introduced by local authorities somewhere in guangzhou city, that most 文明 of china's filthy cities.

repeat serial offenders of the vile crime of spitting will be evicted. shown the door and sent down the road for rehabilitation through spittle swallowing therapy.

the same will apply to the filthy detestable habit of those global warming enhancing smokers who without regard for the environment, and, as such the welfare of future generations of dirty smokers and godly non-smokers, flick their 烟屁股s around like confetti.

it's about time something was done!

however, to be fair, a rating system of spittle according to colour and texture and volume should be implemented in order to discern those with genuine reason to lurgie up the street from those who lurgie in a psuedo-masculine attempt at drawing the attention of passing and nearby美女s.   

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