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Posted by go_manly January 13, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

I have 2 questions relating to Word.

1. Whenever I copy Pinyin from a web page and paste into Word, all vowels (except e for some reason) with a 3rd tone (no other tone) always appear in a different font to the rest. I have to go through and change each letter. And it gets stranger there. I can't just select a letter and change the font - nothing happens. So I have to delete each letter, and type it again. Now, when I place my cursor to the right of the letter and hit backspace, then type the letter again, I get the same font back. But when I place my cursor to the left of the letter and press delete, then type the letter again, I get the font I want. What on earth is happening here, and how can I avoid the problem in the first place?

2. At different times while I am editing a Word document, a Formatting Box pops up almost right underneath the cursor. How do I turn this annoying thing off?

I have Word 2007.

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