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Suggestion for discussion tabs

Posted by hamshank January 16, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

I was recently reading a very long debate on whether finding the value-add comments on a discussion tab.

Now, the last thing I want to do is start another long debate on the pro's and con's of frequent posters and cliques. Instead I have had an idea....Its a rough idea and I haven't had a lot of time to think it through so please bear with me...

Ok so....Im thinking of some sort of tagging and rating system:

1) When a user adds a comment or post, we could have a drop down box (maybe next to the "convert to tone marks" button?!?!) where the user rates there comment into a predefined category 

Comment type

- Study Comment (language learning)

- On Topic

- Off Topic comment (spin off comments)

- Fun (little quips, jokes etc..)

Once, the user clicks submit, the comment is then tagged and submitted.

Naturally with self certifying a comment, it is prone to errors....be it accidentally selecting the wrong category or perhaps feeling that your comment was without value when in fact many users beleive it is.

For this I suggest, we could have a simple rating system where each comment could have a vote list and button next to it, (same list box as when inserting a comment) where users can re-classify the comment (1 time per user). Note: This would also cover older comments that obviously were not classified at post time so the system would work with older lessons.

The category of the comment will then change depending on how the community reacts to it.

Finally, in the actual discussion tab you could implement a simple filter with the same categories plus an unfiltered tab.

Use cases

Person A - Only wants to study chinese, they are able to filter comments to "Study only" and be happy enough 90% of the time. If they find a comment they dont find helpful, they have their right to vote that it shouldn't be in this category

- Person B - Primarily wants to study Chinese but also is interested in maybe related on topic things that might not have a language value...for example On topic Cultural differences. They could filter first for study comments and then for On topic afterwords.

- Person C - Enjoys the social aspect of learning a language. They can either go Unfiltered or perhaps, if they don't have any further questions "study wise" on the lesson, they might just filter for off topic things to have a chat with fellow learners.

Ok, I have written a lot here in a short space of time so there are bound to be errors, but I thought It might be worth sharing this with the community to see if we can find a way that saftisfys most people.

The first issue that springs to mind for me is that, it could be possible to get comments out of context if half way through a conversation, the classification on a comment changes....So maybe this might only apply to the intial comment and all "threaded comments" there after stay with the original. That way, if people use the threaded comments properly, comments woud be in context.

Wow! That was a long post

Comments anyone?!?

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