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Posted by tianfeng August 6, 2007 in the Group General Discussion.

Just wondering who here has taken the HSK and how did they find it?  I want to do well but I am not so sure about the writing section.  I think if I have to hand write out an essay I would be in big trouble.  I can recognize characters but I am not that adept at writing them properly.  The computer is where I write most and I forget stokes when hand writing easily. Also, my English hand writing is barely legible and my Chinese still looks like about grade 1.   I also find it hard to read Chinese handwriting in as opposed to print too.  I know it is similar to Chinese people trying to read cursive but I just cant get my head around it.

If you took the HSK, what have employers thought of when they saw the proficiency in the test on a resume?  It seems like many Chinese people dónt even know what it is.  I am forever saying "我很担心考那个HSK"  ????? " 啊,对不起,那个汉语水平考试.跟英语的TOFEL察布杜一样." 

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