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Pavilons of the Shanghai world expo

Posted by kimiik February 11, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

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Numbering in the order of the official list on  http://en.expo2010.cn/

Oman Pavilion

1. Oman Pavilion

Nepal pavilion

2. Nepal pavilion

Iceland Pavilion

3. Iceland Pavilion

Saudi Pavilion

4. Saudi Pavilion

Turkey Pavilion

5. Turkey Pavilion

Venezuela Pavilion

6. Venezuela Pavilion

Brazil Pavilion

7. Brazil Pavilion

Malaysia Pavilion

8. Malaysia Pavilion

Mexico Pavilion

9. Mexico Pavilion

Kazakhstan Pavilion

10. Kazakhstan Pavilion

Russia Pavilion

11. Russia Pavilion

USA Pavilion

12. USA Pavilion

Thailand Pavilion

13. Thailand Pavilion

UK Pavilion

14. UK Pavilion

Belgian Pavilion

15. Belgian Pavilion

Spain Pavilion

16. Spain Pavilion

Romania Pavilion

17. Romania Pavilion

Swiss Pavilion

18. Swiss Pavilion

 Austria Pavilion

19. Austria Pavilion

Pakistan Pavilion

20. Pakistan Pavilion

Indian Pavilion

21. Indian Pavilion

Swedish Pavilion

22. Swedish Pavilion

Singapore Pavilion

23. Singapore Pavilion

ROK Pavilion

24. ROK Pavilion

MeteoWorld Pavilion

25. MeteoWorld Pavilion

Czech Pavilion

26. Czech Pavilion

Israel Pavilion

27. Israel Pavilion

Finland Pavilion

28. Finland Pavilion

Dutch Pavilion

29. Dutch Pavilion

Japan Pavilion

30. Japan Pavilion

Ireland Pavilion

31. Ireland Pavilion

Norway Pavilion

32. Norway Pavilion

Danish Pavilion

33. Danish Pavilion

Australia Pavilion

34. Australia Pavilion

New Zealand Pavilion

35. New Zealand Pavilion

Germany Pavilion

36. Germany Pavilion

Italy Pavilion

37. Italy Pavilion

Chile Pavilion

38. Chile Pavilion

France Pavilion

39. France Pavilion

Poland Pavilion

40. Poland Pavilion

UAE Pavilion

41. UAE Pavilion

Canada Pavilion

42. Canada Pavilion

Luxembourg Pavilion

43. Luxembourg Pavilion

China Pavilion

44. China Pavilion

Macau Pavilion

45. Macau Pavilion

Hong Kong Pavilion

46. Hong Kong Pavilion

Cisco Pavilion

47. Cisco Pavilion

ROK Joint-Corporate Pavilion

48. ROK Joint-Corporate Pavilion

Aurora Pavilion

49. Aurora Pavilion

Space Pavilion

50. Space Pavilion

State Grid Pavilion

51. State Grid Pavilion

Information and Communication Pavilion

52. Information and Communication Pavilion

Aviation Pavilion

53. Aviation Pavilion

Oil Pavilion

54. Oil Pavilion

SAIC-GM Pavilion

55. SAIC-GM Pavilion

Shipping Pavilion

56. Shipping Pavilion

Japanese Corporate Pavilion

57. Japanese Corporate Pavilion

Shanghai Corporate Pavilion

58. Shanghai Corporate Pavilion

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