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Sentence Pattern: 像。。。一样 Question

Posted by eupnea63355 February 22, 2010 in the Group General Discussion.

Speaking of patterns, (in another thread) I have a question about this one from the intermediate Varieties of Candy lesson. The sentence given is:

他像狐狸一样聪明。 Tā xiàng húli yīyàng cǒngmíng.

Is this an acceptable alternative to the pattern?

他聪明像狐狸一样。Tā cǒngmíng xiàng hǔli yīyàng.

Another sentence from the lesson:


So, would this be an acceptable alternative?


Each sentence had the adjective placed in a different position.

I am having a bit of trouble typing in this little box, I apologize for any mistakes.

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