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So hot right now or so yesterday?

Posted by bababardwan February 26, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

I thought it may be interesting to discuss/debate what's hot in China right now vs what's so yesterday.I'd like to see a list created and then it could be debated in the subthreads if any disagree.I'm particularly interested in this as I don't live in China and it can be hard to guage,so some of the posts could be more of a question ...an opportunity to seek opinion.I see this as being very wide and not limited to movies and video games [though I'd like to see them as well].It can even be such things as words,turns of phrase,habits,opinions,fashion,kanfa,topics of conversation,deng deng.Of course some things are going to have enduring popularity [eg mahjong] and will vary according to demographics etc [and in reality things are never so black and white],but for a bit of fun I thought it might be better to try and decide whether the topic of each post is "so hot right now" or "so yesterday".

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