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Posted by lunetta August 11, 2007 in the Group General Discussion.

Yesterday I got a Chinese movie from the library just to see how much I would actually be able to understand after 6 weeks here on ChinesePod. The movie was 20 30 40 and I did watch it with subtitles but I'm still surprised at how much I did understand. It's always great when you can tell that the 'good girl' in the subtitles is a translation of 乖 which I learned from the lesson My Dog! I think this is an good movie to watch because it's using a modern day setting and the language used is more or less normal everyday speech. In the extra material they call it a romantic comedy but don't let that frighten you if you're a guy. That's just to convince a western (American) audience to go see it but it's not a Hollywood romantic comedy. If anything it reminds me more of modern Italian cinema like Pane e tulipani or Le fate ignorati


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