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Chinese/English homophone confusion

Posted by bababardwan March 20, 2010 in the Group General Discussion.

As English is spoken so widely in the major centres of China there may be times at first contact point between a 老外 and a 中国人 where if only a word [or two ] were spoken it may be unclear which language was being used and where there is meaning in both but different.

ok,well I'm imagining a scenario.Perhaps it is two American guys ,one an ABC and they're off on a holiday in China.They decide to buy some presents for their girlfriends back home.They're in a bit of a hurry,no time for bargaining or chit chat and the prices are very low anyhow and clearly marked and there's a line up.So the ABC guy just hands over the dough for the gift and as the vendor hands back the change he says : "给“。Now the ABC guy is standing there "What'd he call me"?

Any other examples of important Chinese/English homophones not to mix up?

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