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一样 how's that?

Posted by paulinurus March 26, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

Tags: sentence structure

I wrote this Chinese sentence using West Brain:

"一样牛奶,豆浆有很多蛋白质,但是豆浆没有胆固醇。Just like cow's milk, soymilk has a lot of protein, but it has no cholesterol"

East Brain from China responded.."no, no, we don't use 一样 this way. You should write it like this: 和牛奶一样,豆浆有很多蛋白质...and cow's milk just like, soymilk has a lot of protein"

Here are some other examples of Nciku sentences containing 一样




I still don't quite get it but it seems to me that一样 has to follow noun(s) in Chinese sentences. In English sentences 一样 would precede noun(s).

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