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difference between 感觉 and 感受?

Posted by chanelle77 March 27, 2010 in the Group General Discussion.

Tags: difference 感情,感动,感觉 , 感受

Can anyone shed some more light on the difference between 感情 (A:feeling affection), 感动 (B: V, to be moved) and specifically between 感觉 (C: v+n feeling, feel, sense) and 感受 (D: v+n, feel, impression)? 

1) 看完那本写战争的书以后, 大家都有很多...。

I think 感情 (for affection?) and 感动 (verb) are not appropriate but cannot really decide whether 感受 or 感觉 is better here. Somehow 感受 “feels” :-) better...

2) 他和那个女孩见了两三次面后没有继续接触, 我问他原因, 他说对女孩没...不来电。(感情?)

3)我...这个句子有问题, 但不知道问题在哪儿。 (感觉?)

Anyone? I don't think there is a QW or lesson which covers this right? Google+my dictionaries were not much help :-).





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