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CPod vocabulary manager request

Posted by bababardwan April 9, 2010 in the Group General Discussion.

The main two ways that I know of saving vocab to your vocab manager is via the lessons [either clicking on the vocab tab and saving all the vocab,or by clicking on random words in the expansion] or by laboriously creating flashcards one at a time.What I'd really like to be able to do is have a set of all the vocab from CPod newbie,ellie and intermediate lessons [especially newbie and ellie].Why? Because I would see it as very inefficient for me to go trolling through all the old newbie and ellie lessons trying to find a word here or there that I haven't come across,but I'd really like to know that I have those levels covered by going through such an aforementioned flashcard set.The good thing about the vocab manager is that I note you can click on the plus sign on the right of what may be a new unfamiliar piece of vocab that one may find in such a set and it links to a lesson that it can be found in so one could go and check out that lesson then if necessary.I know CPod are working on the vocab mx tool so I just thought some feedback on desirable functions could be helpful. :)

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