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Need help identifying a Chinese topology book (probably translated from Japanese)

Posted by chrka August 22, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

I have found a topology book which I would like to know the author and title of (I have only the table of contents and the main text of the book). I am fairly certain that it has been translated from Japanese since there are comments by the translator on the levels of the Japanese school system.

It begins with an introduction where it, somewhat jokingly, traces the development of the study of topology back to ancient times since our hunting forefathers obviously had knowledge of Jordan's curve theorem (basically by surrounding the hunted animals, dividing the surface into an inside and an outside). 

In the second chapter it discusses sets and uses the same forefathers as an example of a set (a family named 林).

The 林 family returns in the following chapters on mappings and relations (possibly other chapters as well, I have only just begun reading the book).

Later chapters include chapters on the real number line, topological spaces, properties of topological spaces, topologies, vector fields etc.

I'll be grateful for any information.

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