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The HSK Exams and CPod

Posted by Kyle September 2, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

I came across an interesting post on Chinese-forums.com that cited someone from CPod saying that the Advanced lessons are close to being on the same level with the HSK Intermediate Exam.  (I didn't bother citing the post as it was someone quoting someone else quoting someone else.)

The purpose of this post is to ask you admins (or other CPoddies) who may have taken or dabbled in the HSK exams for your expert opinion: what levels here do you feel correspond with which HSK exams?

For example, if one were to be able to complete every intermediate lesson without much hassle, would you say that person could take and pass the Elementary HSK exam?  What about someone who could complete all the Advanced lessons?

I've read that the Intermediate HSK exam tests approximately 5500 words (or a random sample from) and the Advanced in the ballpark of 8000.

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