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Studying Chinese in Beijing this summer!!!

Posted by baideni April 15, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

Dear fellow Chinesepod users, I need your advice and suggestions.

Starting next month, I will be studying Chinese in Beijing for the whole summer. These classes will count towards my degree back home in Canada. My university offers four different levels of Chinese classes and I am currently finishing my level 2. In order for me to graduate in time, I'll need to take Chinese level 4 next year. So basically, this summer I have to cover all the material we would see in level 3!!

Now I kind I need helping finding a strategy for getting the most out of my learning experience in Beijing. I know that learning a language is a slow process but do you guys have any suggestions or ideas on the approach I should take to learn a lot of Chinese in only three months?

Any help would be really appreciated,


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