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往 (wǎng)

Posted by go_manly April 25, 2010 in the Group I Have a Question .

I have a question regarding 往 (wǎng).

If we want to say we are going to a certain place, we use 到 (dào). In that case we are giving a destination.

往 (wǎng) is used to say we are heading in a certain direction. I have been through all of the Elementary expansion sentences, and 往 is always followed by a direction indicator, such as east, the front, outside, etc.

Can 往 be followed by a specific location or landmark, such as a library or police station, to indicate that we are headed in the direction of that landmark, without it being our destination?

For example, how would we say 'As I was heading towards the library, I bumped into an old friend.' ?

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