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Posted by ali_ali April 27, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

Hello, everybody.

I have been learning Chinese for almost 2 years, and i can "说得挺溜", as my Chinese friend says. LOL

I think i have got the achievement of my aims, but just half. The biggest problem is my tones. Chinese people are able to understand my sentences, but not the words sometimes.

Once my friends have helped me to  correct my tones, but it didn't work, because i was deeply apologetic about repeating mistakes face to face. What's more, their time is occupied with my practice. I am so sorry.

One day, i found CPOD, it did do me a big favor. The lessons are so interesting and useful. Morever, the friends here, all you are so friendly. Then i met a little tool in Tools/Add-ons/Tone Practice.

I think it’s a very nice tool for me to learn and pratice Chinese pronunciation. The operation sequence is easy and humanized.

"The tool gives you feedback on your tones in the form of a pitch contour. If your tones are close to the model, the two lines should match up." Very funny and practical, right?

Just a little problem. There's no tips on the page. Because i feel very confused and a little angry when i find it always tells me that my pronunciation is wrong! wrong again!! wrong still!!! but i don’t know where is the problem and how to deal with it.

All in all, this little tool is the best tool i have found to practise Chinese tones. Of course We all have our favourite ways of learning Chinese, so i want to know your methords. If you have a good tool, please tell me. Our goal is learning Chinese better and better.


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